Ceph: who's mapping a RBD device

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Main problem

I get this error in Openshift:

  MountVolume.WaitForAttach failed for volume "pvc-9fcd3d08-d14e-11e9-a958-66934f1af826" :
  rbd image k8s-prod/kubernetes-dynamic-pvc-a0029613-d14e-11e9-aaf5-8611e6b1c395 is still being used


So I Wanna know who is using this DBD device?

rbd status k8s-prod/kubernetes-dynamic-pvc-a0029613-d14e-11e9-aaf5-8611e6b1c395
	watcher= client.165467009 cookie=18446462598732840961

To solve this problem you need to restart Openshift’s Kubernetes components.

systemctl restart docker origin-node
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