Use Ceph CephFS

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The Ceph Filesystem (CephFS) is a POSIX-compliant filesystem that uses a Ceph Storage Cluster to store its data. The Ceph filesystem uses the same Ceph Storage Cluster system as Ceph Block Devices, Ceph Object Storage with its S3 and Swift APIs, or native bindings (librados).

Environment    ceph01    ceph02    ceph03


# Create MDS (MetaData Server)
ceph-deploy --overwrite-conf mds create ceph02

# create pools
sudo ceph osd pool create cephfs_data 128
sudo ceph osd pool create cephfs_metadata 128

# enable pools
sudo ceph fs new cephfs cephfs_metadata cephfs_data

# show pools
sudo ceph osd lspools
sudo ceph fs ls
sudo ceph mds stat

Basic Usage

# Mount CephFS on a Client.

yum -y install ceph-fuse
ssh ceph@ceph01 "sudo ceph-authtool -p /etc/ceph/ceph.client.admin.keyring" > admin.key
chmod 600 admin.key

mount -t ceph ceph01:6789:/ /mnt -o name=admin,secretfile=admin.key