Privacy Policy

Since this site is created with a static HTML generator and is not a web-based, database-driven application such as Wordpress, no personal information is stored in a database or in web browser cookies. However, there are a number of third-party services used by this website which may collect certain types of information. The services are listed below along with a link to their respective privacy policy pages.

If you do not agree with any of the policies below, please feel free to block any third-party services using the ad blocking software of your choice. This site will still display everything very cleanly and will not impede your user experience. However, the author of this website appreciates your support if you choose to leave the advertising services enabled since it supports hosting the content of this website.

The following third-party services are used on this website:

Google Analytics and Google Adsense

This website uses Google Analytics to monitor the types of users visiting this website. Not all of the Google Analytics features are enabled since the author of this website does not desire to track users are the most detailed level. Even Google says that it should be disclosed in a privacy policy when tracking certain details. The information of most interest to this website’s author is the count of unique users accessing the site, the most viewed pages, referrals from other websites and social media, and the search terms used to reach the site from Google.

Google Adsense is used to serve ads to support hosting this website. The website author has attempted to minimize the amount of ads displayed on the page, and they can be easily blocked if the user desires to do so.

For more information on the types of information Google collects, visit their page:

If you have a Google account, you may choose to opt out of personalized ads if you go to your Google settings. This applies to all sites that you visit while signed into your Google account. See more information below:

Disqus Comments

This site uses Disqus as the commenting system. It is a popular, easy to use system, and happens to be a built-in feature of the static site generator and theme that I used to build this site. Their privacy policy is located at: Cookie Consent

In order to provide a simple consent pop-up for cookies used on this website by third-party services, this website is using the Cookie Consent app created by Howard Lie as a CloudFlare application. It is the desire of this website author to comply with international law such as GDPR and other legal standards. Since the author is a humble blogger and not a legal expert, he is hoping this notice is sufficient.

A copy of the privacy policy for this app is located at:

Amazon Associates Program

As an Amazon Associate, this website author earns a small percentage from qualifying purchases. You may notice that product links are shared throughout this website for various electronics or other items such as books. Many of these products are similar to items the website author has personally used in his own home network. Any purchases that you make within 24 hours after clicking one of the affiliate links will give the website author a very small percentage.

Like other monetization offers enabled on this website, the proceeds will help pay for any web hosting or other service fees including the domain name registration. Hardware or software purchases which may be made with any extra revenue will help generate more content for this website. Therefore, your support of this website may provide additional value to you!

The Amazon Associate Program privacy policy is located at: