Install Ceph cluster

Ceph is free and open source distributed objectstorage solution. With Ceph we can easily provide and manage block storage, object storage and file storage.

Base Components

  • Monitors (ceph-mon) : As the name suggests a ceph monitor nodes keep an eye on cluster state, OSD Map and Crush map
  • OSD ( Ceph-osd): These are the nodes which are part of cluster and provides data store, data replication and recovery functionalities. OSD also provides information to monitor nodes.
  • MDS (Ceph-mds) : It is a ceph meta-data server and stores the meta data of ceph file systems like block storage.
  • Ceph Deployment Node : It is used to deploy the Ceph cluster, it is also called as Ceph-admin or Ceph-utility node.

Environment    ceph01    ceph02    ceph03

Install Requirements

# all hosts
yum install ntp ntpdate ntp-doc epel-release -y
systemctl start ntpd
systemctl enable ntpd

useradd cephuser && echo "Password1" | passwd --stdin cephuser
echo "cephuser ALL = (root) NOPASSWD:ALL" | sudo tee /etc/sudoers.d/cephuser
chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers.d/cephuser

sed -i --follow-symlinks 's/SELINUX=enforcing/SELINUX=disabled/g' /etc/sysconfig/selinux
systemctl mask firewalld

# cep01
ssh-copy-it ceph02
ssh-copy-it ceph03

nano ~/.ssh/config
Host ceph01
   Hostname ceph01
   User cephuser
Host ceph02
   Hostname ceph02
   User cephuser
Host ceph03
   Hostname ceph03
   User cephuser

chmod 644 ~/.ssh/config

Install ceph-deployer

# cep01
sudo rpm -Uvh

yum update
yum install -y ceph-deploy

mkdir /home/ceph/cluster1
cd ~/cluster1

Delete ceph config if exists

# cep01
ceph-deploy purge ceph01 ceph02 ceph03
# unmount if not working
ceph-deploy purgedata ceph01 ceph02 ceph03
ceph-deploy forgetkeys

Install ceph

ceph-deploy install ceph01 ceph02 ceph03
ceph-deploy --cluster <cluster-name> new ceph01 ceph02 ceph03

# edit before pupulate config
nano <cluster-name>.conf
osd_max_object_name_len = 256
osd_max_object_namespace_len = 64

ceph-deploy --cluster <cluster-name> mon create ceph01 ceph02 ceph03
ceph-deploy --cluster <cluster-name> gatherkeys ceph01 ceph02 ceph03
ceph-deploy disk list ceph01
ceph-deploy disk list ceph02
ceph-deploy disk list ceph03

ceph-deploy disk zap ceph01:sdb
ceph-deploy disk zap ceph02:sdb
ceph-deploy disk zap ceph03:sdb

ceph-deploy osd create ceph01:sdb
ceph-deploy osd create ceph02:sdb
ceph-deploy osd create ceph03:sdb

ceph-deploy osd create ceph01:sdc
ceph-deploy osd create ceph02:sdc
ceph-deploy osd create ceph03:sdc

Test cluster

sudo ceph health
sudo ceph -s
sudo ceph osd tree

# install adminkey-ring
ceph-deploy admin ceph01 ceph02 ceph03
ssh ceph node01 sudo ceph osd lspools
ssh ceph node01 sudo ceph osd create mycorp 128