Proxmox backup with znapzend

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Backup your machines on Pfsense with znapzend tool.

The servers


Create sub volume

Note that while recursive configurations are well supported to set up backup and retention policies for a whole dataset subtree under the dataset to which you have applied explicit configuration, at this time pruning of such trees (“I want every dataset under var except var/tmp”) is not supported.

zfs create local-zfs/vm-data
pvesm add zfspool local-zfs --pool local-zfs/vm-data

Build znapzend on servers

apt-get install perl unzip git mbuffer build-essential git

cd /root
git clone
cd /root/znapzend
./configure --prefix=/opt/znapzend

make install

ln -s /opt/znapzend/bin/znapzend /usr/local/bin/znapzend
ln -s /opt/znapzend/bin/znapzendzetup /usr/local/bin/znapzendzetup
ln -s /opt/znapzend/bin/znapzendztatz /usr/local/bin/znapzendztatz

znapzend --version

Or you can download a the deb package from here:

Install znapzend on servers

dpkg -i znapzend_0.19.1_amd64_stretch.deb

Configure znapzend

znapzendzetup create --recursive\
--mbuffer=/usr/bin/mbuffer \
--mbuffersize=1G \
SRC '2d=>1d' local-zfs/vmdata \
DST:a '14d=>1d' root@

# test
znapzend --debug --noaction --runonce=local-zfs
znapzendzetup list

Create znapzend service

nano /etc/default/znapzend

systemctl enable znapzend.service
systemctl restart znapzend.service
systemctl status znapzend.service