Openshift Error: HostAlreadyClaimed

How to solvee Openshift Error: HostAlreadyClaimed

I created a new route for a service and the rout not created. Get this error:

Name:			keycloak-gatekeeper
Namespace:		phpmyadmin
Created:		17 minutes ago
Labels:			app=keycloak-gatekeeper
Annotations:		<none>
Requested Host:		phpmyadmin.devopstales.intra
			  rejected by router router: HostAlreadyClaimed (36 seconds ago)
			    route phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin-phpmyadmin has host phpmyadmin.devopstales.intra
Path:			<none>
TLS Termination:	edge
Insecure Policy:	Redirect
Endpoint Port:		http

Service:	keycloak-gatekeeper
Weight:		100 (100%)

So I listed all the routes but I dod not found this route. In the end the force delete solved my problem.

oc delete route --grace-period=0 --force=true --ignore-not-found=true -n phpmyadmin phpmyadmin-phpmyadmin