Google Authenticator on pfSense

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This article explains how to set up OpenVPN with Google Authenticator on pfSense.

Set up the FreeRADIUS

  • Go to System > Package Manager > Available Packages and install FreeRADIUS package.
  • Services > FreeRADIUS > Interfaces > Add
Interface IP Address
Port 1812
Interface Type Authentication
IP Version IPv4
Description Authentication

Example image

Interface IP Address
Port 1813
Interface Type Authentication
IP Version IPv4
Description Accounting

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Add a NAS client

  • Services > FreeRADIUS > NAS/Clients > Add
Client IP Address
Client IP Version IPv4
Client Shortname pfsenselocal
Client Shared Secret Password1
Client Protocol UDP
Client Type other
Require Message Authenticator No
Max Connections 16
Description pfsenselocal

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Add an authentication server ro pfSense

  • System > User Manager > Authentication Servers > Add
Descriptive Name localfreeradius
Protocol PAP
Hostname or IP address
Shared Secret Password1
Services offered Authentication and Accounting
Authentiocation port 1812
Accounting port 1813
Authentication Timeout 5

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Configurate OTP for Users

  • Services > FreeRADIUS > Users > Add
Username tester
Password Encryption Cleartext-Password
One-Time Password Enable One-Time Password (OTP) for this user
OTP Auth Method Google-Authenticator
Init-Secret click Generator OTP Secret
PIN enter 4-8 numbers and remember them.
QR Code click Generate QR Code.

At this point open Google Authenticator on your phone and scan the QRCODE.

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You can use One-Time Password (OTP) only for local FreeRadius users. FreeRadius users from diferent backenl like mysql or ldap did not work.

Configurate openvpn

  • Go to VPN > OpenVPN > Servers > Edit
  • Select localfreeradius for Backend for authentication

Example image

  • In the OpenVPN Server configuration, under Advanced Configuration > Custom options
  • add: reneg-sec 0

If you connect your OpenVPN client you must enter your username and the PIN + the Google Authenticator one-time code as your password. If PIN is 1234 and the Google Authenticator code is 445 745 then the password is: 1234445745