WAN failower on pfsense

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In this pos I will create a WAN failower configuration.

The Architecture

------- WAN1 ------
| ----- WAN2 ---- |
| |             | |
PF1 -- sync -- PF2
 |               |
 ----- LAN -------  

WAN1: (Bridgelt)

Configurate WIP for WAN2

At Firewall > Virtual IPs > Add Example image

Add Gateway for WAN interfaces

At System > Routing > Add Example image

Configuring Monitor IP

At System > Routing > Edit gateways and add google dns ad monitoring ip Example image

Example image

Configuring Gateway Group

At System > Routing > Gateway Groups Create 3 Groups Example image

Example image

Example image

Configuring Firewall Rules

Got to Firewall > Rules > LAN and edit the IPv4 rule. Chane the Gateway

Example image

Example image

Clone the changed roles to two other rules and change the Gateway to the other Gateway Groups. Example image

Configurate NAT

Go to Firewall > NAT > Outbound Clone WAN1 rules and edit them to WLAN2 Example image

Example image

pfSense email notification when WAN connection goes down

Go to System > Advanced > Notifications

Example with Google Gmail SMTP

Example image