Proxmox backup with pve-zsync

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Backup your machines on Pfsense with pve-zsync tool.

The servers


Install pve-zsync on servers

apt-get install pve-zsync

Configure pve-zsync

pve-zsync create --source 107 --dest --verbose --maxsnap 14 --name Backup_ZFS_srv_107

# test the config
cat /etc/cron.d/pve-zsync
* 8 * * * root pve-zsync sync --source 107 --dest --name Backup_ZFS_srv_107 --maxsnap 14 --method ssh

# send diff
pve-zsync sync --source 107 --dest --verbose --maxsnap 14 --name Backup_ZFS_srv_107

# the tool send the vm config to the /var/lib/pve-zsync/