Install recording fot Jitsi

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In this post I will show you my productivity tips with kubectlyo can install Jibri the recording component of Jitsi.

Install requirements

sudo apt install ffmpeg curl unzip software-properties-common

Enable the ALSA loopback module to start on boot,

echo "snd_aloop" >> /etc/modules
modprobe snd_aloop

Install Google Chrome:

curl -o - | apt-key add
echo "deb [arch=amd64] stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list
apt update
apt install google-chrome-stable

# install headless browser driver
unzip ~/ -d ~/
rm ~/
sudo mv -f ~/chromedriver /usr/local/bin/chromedriver
sudo chmod 0755 /usr/local/bin/chromedriver

# disable warnings
mkdir -p /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed
echo '{ "CommandLineFlagSecurityWarningsEnabled": false }' >>/etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed/managed_policies.json

Install jibri

apt install jibri
usermod -aG adm,audio,video,plugdev jibri

nano /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua
Component "conference.jitsi.mydomain.intra" "muc"
modules_enabled = { "muc_mam" }
Component "internal.auth.jitsi.mydomain.intra" "muc"
modules_enabled = {
storage = "internal"
muc_room_cache_size = 1000
VirtualHost "recorder.jitsi.mydomain.intra"
modules_enabled = {
authentication = "internal_plain"

Create accounts:

prosodyctl register jibri auth.jitsi.mydomain.intra Password1
prosodyctl register recorder recorder.jitsi.mydomain.intra Password1
sudo nano /etc/jitsi/jicofo/

sudo nano /etc/jitsi/meet/jitsi.mydomain.intra-config.js
fileRecordingsEnabled: true,
liveStreamingEnabled: true,
hiddenDomain: 'recorder.jitsi.mydomain.intra',

Configure storage:

mkdir /recordings
chown jibri:jibri /recordings

sudo nano /etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json
"recording_directory": "/recordings",
"finalize_recording_script_path": "",
"xmpp_server_hosts": [
"xmpp_domain": "jitsi.mydomain.intra",
"control_login": {
"domain": "auth.jitsi.mydomain.intra",
"username": "jibri",
"password": "Password1d"
"control_muc": {
"domain": "internal.auth.jitsi.mydomain.intra",
"room_name": "JibriBrewery",
"nickname": "jibri"
"call_login": {
"domain": "recorder.jitsi.mydomain.intra",
"username": "recorder",
"password": "Password1"

Install Java 8

Jibri only works with java 1.8 so we need to install and configure Jibri to use it:

wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
apt update
apt install adoptopenjdk-8-hotspot

# the systemd sript use this script so we edit it
nano /opt/jitsi/jibri/
# change this:
# exec java ...
# tho this:
exec /usr/lib/jvm/adoptopenjdk-8-hotspot-amd64/bin/java ...
systemctl restart prosody jicofo jitsi-videobridge2 jibri
systemctl enable jibri