How to fix cluster-monitoring-operator in OpenShift 3.11

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Default install use an old image for cluster-monitoring-operator with imagestream false latanci alert problem.

Parts of the Openshift series

Export running deployment to yaml

oc project openshift-monitoring
oc get --export deployment/cluster-monitoring-operator -o yaml > cluster-monitoring-operator.yaml

Patch and deploy the yaml

sed -i -e "s|image:.*|image:
|" \
> cluster-monitoring-operator.yaml

oc apply -f cluster-monitoring-operator.yaml

curl -k -H "Authorization: Bearer `oc serviceaccounts get-token asb-client`" https://`oc get routes -n openshift-ansible-service-broker --no-headers | awk '{print $2}'`/osb/v2/catalog

oc delete deployment/prometheus-operator
oc delete statefulset/alertmanager-main
oc delete statefulset/prometheus-k8s

Config for new install