Tillerless helm2 install

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It looks like it is not so hard to have Tillerless Helm. So let me go to more details.

Parts of the Kubernetes series

Since Helm v2, helm got a server part called The Tiller Server which is interacts with the helm client, and the Kubernetes API server. By default helm init installs a Tiller deployment to Kubernetes clusters and communicates via gRPC.

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The community voted that Helm v3 should be Tillerless. If we can run tiller localli we can achieve the same goal.

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There is a helm plugin for this same purpose.

$ helm plugin install https://github.com/rimusz/helm-tiller
Installed plugin: tiller

Use this plugin locally

helm tiller start

It will start the tiller locally and kube-system namespace will be used to store helm releases but you can change the name of the namespace if you want:

helm tiller start my-team-namespace

# stop tiller
helm tiller stop

How to use this plugin in CI/CD pipelines

helm tiller start-ci
export HELM_HOST=localhost:44134

Then your helm will know where to connect to Tiller and you do not need to make any changes in your CI pipelines.