Image Signature Verification with Kyverno

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In this post I will show you how you can use Kyverno and Cosign for Image Signature Verification in a Kubernetes cluster.

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Wat is Cosign?

Cosign is a new open-source tool to manage the process of signing and verifying container images. Developed by Googele in collaboration with Linux Foundation’s sigstore project. The motivation for cosign is “to make signatures invisible infrastructure.” With Images signed by Cosign you didn’t neet to change your infrastructure to store the public signing key, like Notary. (With Notary you need a Notary server connected to your registry to store the keys) With Cosign, the signatures directly appear as tags of the image linked to the associated image via the digest:

Notice how the signature tag below corresponds to the sha256 digest of the image tag ‘latest’ above.

Key Management options:

  • fixed, text-based keys generated using cosign generate-key-pair
  • cloud KMS-based keys generated using cosign generate-key-pair -kms
  • keys generated on hardware tokens using the PIV interface using cosign piv-tool
  • Kubernetes-secret based keys generated using cosign generate-key-pair -k8s

Installing Cosign

It’s a golang project, so it’s fairly easy to get started, there’s a single binary available from their release pag and it has been signed by them.

Generate key pair with:

$ cosign generate-key-pair
Enter password for private key:
Enter again:
Private key written to cosign.key
Public key written to

Sign an image with cosign:

docker pull alpine:edge
docker tag alpine:edge devopstales/testimage:unsigned
docker push devopstales/testimage:unsigned

docker pull alpine:latest
docker tag alpine:latest devopstales/testimage:cosign
docker push devopstales/testimage:cosign

cosign sign -key ~/data/cosign.key devopstales/testimage:cosign
Enter password for private key: 
Pushing signature to:

Verify a container against a public key:

$ cosign verify -key ~/data/ devopstales/testimage:cosign

Verification for devopstales/testimage:cosign --
The following checks were performed on each of these signatures:
  - The cosign claims were validated
  - The signatures were verified against the specified public key
  - Any certificates were verified against the Fulcio roots.
{"critical":{"identity":{"docker-reference":""},"image":{"docker-manifest-digest":"sha256:4661fb57f7890b9145907a1fe2555091d333ff3d28db86c3bb906f6a2be93c87"},"type":"cosign container image signature"},"optional":null}

Image Signature Verification tools

In a previous post I used Connaisseur to Image Signature Verification. I could youse Connaisseur with Cosign too but with the new release of Kyverno we didn’t need to deploy a separate tool for Image Signature Verification. We can use Kyverno’s verifyImages rule.

It validate signatures for matching images using Cosign and mutates image references with the digest returned by Cosign. Using an image digest guarantees immutability of images and hence improves security.

Install the latest version of Kyverno:

kubectl create -f

Patch the Kyverno webhook, to allow time for calling the OCI registry:

kubectl patch mutatingwebhookconfigurations kyverno-resource-mutating-webhook-cfg \
--type json \
-p='[{"op": "replace", "path": "/webhooks/0/failurePolicy", "value": "Ignore"},{"op": "replace", "path": "/webhooks/0/timeoutSeconds", "value": 15}]'

Here is a policy that verifies all images from a specific repository:

kind: ClusterPolicy
  name: check-image
  validationFailureAction: enforce
  background: false
    - name: check-image
            - Pod
      - image: "*"
        key: |-
          -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
          -----END PUBLIC KEY-----          
kubectl create deployment signed-my \

Try running an unsigned image that matches the configured rule:

kubectl create deployment unsigned-my \

This will be blocked:

error: failed to create deployment: admission webhook "mutate.kyverno.svc" denied the request: 

resource Deployment/kyverno-system/unsigned-my was blocked due to the following policies

  autogen-verify-image: 'image verification failed for
    failed to verify image: fetching signatures: getting signature manifest: GET
    MANIFEST_UNKNOWN: manifest unknown; map[Tag:sha256-0119f88f395766eb52f9b817c3d23576bf31935dc8e94abe14bae9a083ce4639.sig]'